Kubernetes Certification (CKA) - You Got This!

Kubernetes is the real deal these days. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is looking to learn all about it.

What better way to demonstrate your prowess in this technology area than a globally recognised certification?

Look no further than the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) and the LinuxFoundation who have created a CKA and CKAD program in an effort to develop the Kubernetes ecosystem.

CKA stands for Certified Kubernetes Administrator ; with D being for Developer. So there are two certifications - CKA and CKAD. There is a lot of overlap in concepts between the two exams so prepping for one helps with the other, (around 60% content overlap in my experience).

Good news right..?

Right, even better news is that there are some key gotchas that I have found that helped me pass both of these exams which I am going to highlight over a series of blog posts.

These posts will cover the key sections of Curriculum Overview, Training material and Resources at Hand, Command-line tips and useful Training  materials.

The focus in this series will be mainly around the CKA exam, but bear in mind the overlap between this and CKAD exam.

Before we dig in, I have covered this on a high level before in a lightening at KubeCon19 - here

So check that out first.

The head on over the the first in the series - Post1: Curriculum Overview and Exam Format  

....and good luck !