CKA - You Got this! - Post 2: Training Materials and Other Useful preparation resources

This the second of the blog post series on prepping for the CKA exam - CKA: You Got this!

In the first post we covered the curriculum and the format of the exam.

If all went well with that post, you should now have a better understanding of the subject areas covered in the exam, and how the exam is set up in terms of questions, score and pass marks.
All this is with a view to understanding what you need to focus on during your study, in order to optimise your preparation time.

In this blog post we will study the curriculum topics again. This time however, we will concentrate on some keys areas to focus on within those topics and the training materials that are available to you for each.
We will also look at other resources available to you for in terms of blog posts and books for a wider perspective  of kubernetes.
Formal training course are also a great resource for you during your preparation and will will look at those too.

So lets go.


The section below should look familiar - its the exam curriculum , right?
Right. We have taken this list and added some key focus areas that you will be well served basing your preparation around. The resources listed here reference the kubernetes documentation. The reason for this is two-fold
1. This resource is available in the exam. This resource is really rich in content, and is super useful during the actual exam.
2. All the content you need to understand in order to prepare vigilantly for the exam is also under this website.

So it is key that you know where everything is on the website, using it to maximum benefit. Remember, time is important, so if you need to refer to something in the documentation (a sample of a deployment manifest, for example) then it is prudent to know quickly where these are (sometimes the search function can eat into your time)

This is a smart strategy - preparing yourself for the exam by using resources available during the exam.

Start here and use this as a solid base for the study of that topic.  Follow up with preceding and following sections in the documentation, and though other resources listed further down in this blog.

So, lots of data below. Read on.

Core Concepts
Score: 19%
Key Focus: kubernetes master and node components.  
Key Training Resource:

Installation, Configuration & Validation
Score: 12%
Key Focus: design and build of K8s clusters 
Key Training Resource:

Application Lifecycle
Score: 8%
Key Focus: deploy, scale, rollback with deployments
Key Training Resource:

Cluster Maintenace
Score: 11%
Key Focus: upgrade nodes, etcd maintenance
Key Training Resource:

Score: 5%
Key Focus: labels, resources - constraints/affinity/taints
Key Training Resource:

Score: 11%
Key Focus: services,  pod networking 
Key Training Resource:

Score: 12%
Key Focus:  RBAC, security context
Key Training Resource:

Score: 7%
Key Focus:  volumes, pod volume claims
Key Training Resource:

Logging and Monitoring
Score: 5%
Key Focus:  node health, cluster component logs
Key Training Resource:

Score: 10%
Key Focus: kubernetes master and node components.  
Key Training Resource:

Thats is a lot to take in.

It is worth noting that throughout all your preparation, you will be running kubectl commands - the command line tool used to interact with the kubernetes API. A comprehensive list of kubectl commands and their syntax are listed in the kubernetes documentation web page also - in the kubectl cheat sheet.

So, all in all, the kubernetes documentation is a really useful resource.

other resources 

But there lots more resources out there to consume and widen your kubernetes knowledge.There are many blog posts that can give you another perspective- some are listed below

There is a great comprehensive list of resources in general published on the kubernauts git page -

For an even wider set of resources , the following books provide a great way study around the subject of kubernetes and understand some real world challenges and solutions.
Managing Kubernetes – Brendan Burns and Craig Tracey
Kubernetes Up and Running - Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns and Joe Beda

training courses 

Another great way to prepare for the exam and beyond, is to do a training course. One such course is  the LinuxFoundation's Kubernetes Essentials (LFS258)

So there you have it. A comprehensive overview of some key resources for  preparing for the CKA exam.

Our next blog post, our third and final in the series, will cover the hugely important topic of maximising your time answering questions by minimising your time spent typing on the command line - a major part of the exam. Continue reading here.


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